Manhattan CenterStone Computer Aided Facility Management - CAFMManhattan CenterStone CAFM DashboardComputer Aided Facility Management Solution (CAFM)

CAFM is a tool which has provided facility managers with a technology to effectively and efficiently plan, manage and operate their building and site portfolios for the past thirty years. CenterStone was created from the beginning as an integrated Web-based solution to specifically to help organizations manage the complete cycle of workplace building processes, including space, facilities, assets, leases, work orders and operations. It was designed, and is being chosen all over the world today, to address the three major short comings of traditional CAFM tools, namely ease of use, integration and data access and collaboration.


  • Fully integrated solution with market-leading functionality to manage all workplace information and work processes
  • Business process automation accomplished via a state-of-the-art workflow engine to define process improvements
  • Ability to access and anayze workplace data from disparate data sources and applications in one location
  • More ‘out of the box’ capabilities with fast and easy user configuration


Related Webinar: Introduction to CAFM

Introduction to Computer Aided Facility Management

In this Webinar we discussed how CAFM solutions will allow you as a facility management professional to:

  • Manage all your spaces, leases, operations, and assets in one integrated system of record
  • Identify vacant and underutilized space quickly so you can take advantage of consolidation opportunities or on-board new employees
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies by understanding historic trends and the existing state of each of your building's performance through portfolio analytics
  • Utilize a visual, interactive and configurable way to format, update and report on space information, without a separate CAD viewer

Click here to view the recording


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